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A single search interface for Ginan materials across the globe

The Ginan Library lets you track Ginan items held in various institutional and community collections across the globe. It facilitates searching of Ginan materials through a common interface using the following filters:

  • Availability: Useful for searching materials based on their online and/or physical availability. Unavailable items are categorized as citations.
  • Resource Type: Convenient for searching primary, secondary or academic Ginan sources. Any Khojki and Gujarati Ginan material published prior to 1940 is designated as a primary source, whereas a secondary sources include all institutional and community publication from 1940 and onwards.
  • Material Type: Suitable for searching materials based on their formats, including books, lithographs, manuscripts, and audio recordings.
  • Script: Helpful in locating materials by scripts such as Khojki, Gujarati, English, etc.
  • Year: Puts materials in broad categories based on their publication year.
  • Series: Groups historically significant Ginan publishers.

This website is maintained by Karim Tharani, librarian and tenured faculty at the University of Saskatchewan.